My take on the issues

Here is my take on questions and issues that have come up during this campaign so far. If you have a question or an issue you would like me to respond to, push the "submit a question" button below.

Residential development

Utah is growing rapidly. There is increasing pressure from the state to build high density residential developments.

I honor Lindon's tradition of lower density housing to maintain our "little bit of country".


The sales tax revenues generated from Lindon businesses support vital city improvements like road repairs. If Lindon city businesses succeed, Lindon city residents benefit. Ensuring that Lindon continues to be a business-friendly city is crucial. Future opportunities include attracting a variety of businesses to round out offerings to city residents. And being thoughtful about the proposed development on 700 N.

Secondary water

The Utah legislature passed SB0052 which requires all homes built after July 1, 2019 to have a secondary water meter. By 2030 all Utah residences will be required to have a secondary water meter. This will be a significant change for Lindon where long-time residents have had unmetered secondary water (which is the case with my home).

With the 2030 deadline approaching, Lindon can take advantage of current grant and incentive programs to begin installing meter infrastructure. The Director of Public Works, Juan Garrido, presented a plan during the August 16th city council meeting which would capitalize on available grants and gradually introduce a metering system. The plan included phases where residents would be able to see their usage for a period of time before they are charged for it.