Cole Hooley for Lindon City Council

Deep roots. 

My Lindon roots run deep. I am the 6th generation of my family to call Lindon home; my family has been here for 150 years.

Love and loyalty for this place, its people, its culture, and its way of life are in my DNA. I want to preserve what’s great about our little bit of country.

Fresh perspective.

In addition to deep roots, I also bring a fresh perspective. I attended graduate school in Massachusetts where I got my masters in social work, worked as a social worker in New York City for several years, and then moved to St. Louis where I got a PhD. I actively participated in these communities and learned wonderful lessons. I’m so excited to be back in Lindon and want to import those ideas that fit with Lindon and that will help meet its goals.

Residents are the ultimate bosses in Lindon. 

Elected officials should base their decisions on what is best for the community. What is "best" should be determined by the residents. 

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