My take on the issues

Here is my take on questions and issues that have come up during this campaign so far. If you have a question or an issue you would like me to respond to, push the "submit a question" button below. 

Residential development

Utah is growing rapidly. There is increasing pressure from the state to build high density residential developments.  My heart aches for the folks looking for a home right now. The cost of housing is overwhelming. 

I would love for my kids to be able to live in Lindon. They are the 7th generation of my family to live here.  

Notwithstanding those pressures, I want Lindon to maintain its charm. I honor Lindon's tradition of maintaining our "little bit of country".  


The sales tax revenues generated from Lindon businesses support vital city improvements like road repairs. If Lindon city businesses succeed, Lindon city residents benefit. Ensuring that Lindon continues to be a business-friendly city is crucial.  Future opportunities include attracting a variety of businesses to round out offerings to city residents. We should be thoughtful about the proposed development on 700 N. 

I also think we should review our land use policies to diversify the business offerings in Lindon. 


I love libraries!  Libraries enrich communities. We are active patrons of the Pleasant Grove library. 

Sadly, building and maintaining a library in Lindon would be cost prohibitive. The city's money would go further by enhancing partnerships with other local libraries. In 2022, the city increased the percentage it would reimburse for a library membership. A household can get 75% off the cost of one library card (based on the Orem annual library card rate). I support the recent increase. I would be interested in exploring additional ways we could increase that reimbursement rate and partner with libraries in other unique ways.  

Do you feel that government needs more power/control or less power/control? 

The power of our government comes from the people. We install representatives to carry out actions to support our safety, health, and wellbeing. Those we consent to represent us need enough power to carry out the actions assigned to them. I would oppose power beyond those bounds.